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  • Regret


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  • RE: Before and After Pictures


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  • Random Photos

    Looks like this granny has some

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  • Before and After Pictures

    One month post op! From 32H to maybe a B/C?


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  • Finally an honest response.


    Of course, I say again. This is likely the internal thinking of most women who undergo this unnecessary procedure. However it's human nature to not want to look like the fool and or not show your hurt. Get woke. Lol. Stop getting breast reductions.

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  • Crypto... Bitcoin (hindsight is 20/20)... Tron (is TRX going to happen)?

    Some mornings I sink into a depression thinking about having "missed out" on the Bitcoin thing! I mean sometimes it really gets me. That aside...

    How many people think Tron is viable tech that's actually going to blow up, vs a pipe dream existing behind a facade of bigger things?

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  • What the hell?!

    What is with all of these delusional comments?! Are these people serious? I mean in this case it's not even as if the before picture is representative of someone who I'd even give a thought about in regards to the chest department. So the fact that ANY doctor authorized a reduction in this case is truly a travesty and I think is indicative of a larger problem. Too many "surgeons" are cutting on women when the bottom line is that it's all about the money... just like it always is. Two final words... A SHAME!

    Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 2.36.39 AM.png 25vysrrpoce31.jpg

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  • Art Imitating Life

    Immediately though of Cheron when I saw the picture below:

    hexamous @deviantart
    sketch_by_hexamous_d1y1od4-fullview.jpg thCHERON24022008_05.jpg

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  • Miosotis

    Definitely in my top 10. This thread is dedicated to her. No such thing as a bad picture of Mio but let's save this thread for the best!


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  • Why?

    There are two other forums that I frequent, titsintops and cinemajuggs. I've been a member of the later MUCH longer using it since 2006 vs joining titsintops just last year (although it seems like it's been longer). There is something unique about tits (titsintops) that I found and still find very attractive vs Cinemajuggs but at the moment I can't put my finger on it. I do think it has something to do with the greater attention to natural breasts but maybe that will be a future post.

    The goal of The Macro Mastofact is to distill all of the large breast content I (and the future users here) consume into a product that more closely resembles what I consider the ideal large breasted woman. In doing so, that eliminated A LOT of what is found other places, including my two favorite aforementioned forums.

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